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August 7, 2007
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Ghost by RubberDuckie-17 Ghost by RubberDuckie-17
Okie days, so this is meh OC, Ghost. He is one of five special characters for a story that I will someday finish. Heh, I just gotta start it first. It's up in me head and I don't know how to get it to come out. Every time I try, whatever I come up with sucks. But anywho.. on to the specs.


Name: Ghost
Gender: Stallion
Age: 8 years
Breed: Mustang
Color: Cremello
Markings: None
Persona: Ghost is a brave soul. Courage springs from deep within. Retreat and failure are words that he knows nothing about. He is kind, caring, protective. A natural born leader.
History: Nothing of great interest here. Ghost was born wild and free. He has never known the touch of man. Booted out of the herd he was raised in at the age of two, he set off on his own.

Note: In my mind, he's actualy stockier than this, heavily muscled, with a wicked long mane that hangs on both sides of his neck. His hooves are worn and chipped with miles of travel over mountains and rough terrain. But as I can not draw worth beans, I chose this gorgeous peice of lineart to portray him in the best possible way. :)

If anybody wants to help me out a little with my projec,t I could use some more lineart to color. Perhaps having my characters out of my head and in color on dA will give me the inspiration I need to complete this. So if you're interested, anybosy, I need lineart for a Draft Mule, a Miniature Horse, a Burro, and a White Faced Hereford. All of the male gender. Many thanks for any attempts that might be made. :D


Ghost (C) Me
Lineart [link] (C) the uber fantastical Boribaby
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You should have drawn for that movie Spirit: stallion of the cimmeron. Seriously... why didn't you apply for a job?!!?!?!
Um... Because I didn't draw it? Hehe. *points to the bottom of the description* I am no artist, but rather a lowly colorer. :nod:
oohh... hehe -giggles and blushes- XD
*pat pat* Is okay, luff.
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